T-4U Time Recorder

Knowledge is profitable and knowing your labor costs on payroll as well as each aspect of a job makes the difference between a profitable job or a loss.

The T-4U can be used by firms of all sizes to record time data for payroll purposes. You will generate an undisputable legible record that will facilitate time computation, reduce tardiness and provide the required records for Wage and Hour regulations. Additional applications include; control of paperwork flow through your office, job costing and validating documents. You can identify when a document was received, faxed, shipped , etc. The new Widmer T-4U is a very, very versatile machine.

PRICE $345.00

T-3 Time Date Stamp

The T-3 Time Date stamp creates high quality, clean imprints on a wide variety of office documents from letter size paper to small tickets. The throat depth can be adjusted and set to print on any designated area. This model is the perfect companion for offices who need to stamp the precise time on large volumes of documents.

Simply insert your document beneath the trigger mechanism and it instantly prints. The T-3 time stamper comes with a lock and key so only authorized personnel can adjust the settings.

Stamping pressure can be increased to penetrate through multi part carbon forms

The T-3 machine case is made from die cast metal for years of heavy duty use.

• High quality, clean, crisp imprints

• Quick change ribbon - no mess

• Stamping pressure can be electronically increased when needed

• Optional die plates can place text above and/or below time stamp line

• Instant heavy duty trigger operation instantly stamps the date

• 1-3/16" to 2" adjustable throat depth accommodates different size forms

• Machine comes equipped with lock and key system for added security.

PRICE $595.00


TouchStation is the perfect solution for any office environment.

TouchStation is a state-of-the-art biometric system that uses fingerprint technology to instantly identify employees and eliminate costly buddy punching. Designed for small businesses with up to 50 employees (expandable to 150*). Lathem's TouchStation time and attendance system automatically calculates total worked hours including overtime. Employees punch in and out at the terminal with the touch of a finger. A large display and internal beeper provide employees instant feedback of their in/out status.

The TouchStation Biometric Time System uses a touch sensor that stores up to 50 individual fingerprints. It connects directly to your computer and comes with Lathem's PayClock EZ software, which automatically calculates worked hours, including overtime, tracks sick and vacation time and provides 22 informative time and labor reports. The TouchStation system exports hours directly from the PayClock EZ software to most major payroll providers such as ADP and Paychex, including seamless integration with the latest QuickBooks accounting products for a true "touch-to-paycheck" solution.


• One touch operation instantly identifies employees using their fingerprint eliminating costly "buddy punching."

• No need to purchase, maintain or replace time sheets, time cards or employee badges.

• Self-contained design allows employees to punch in and out without directly accessing the host computer.

• Large LED light bar provides employees with instant good (green) or bad (red) punch indication.

• Internal beeper provides audible indication of good or bad punches.

• While idle, the backlit liquid crystal display shows the current time and date in large easy to read characters.

• Each employee's name, in/out status, and total hours for the pay period are displayed after each successful punch.

• Provides support for 50 employees and 50 departments and can be expanded to 150 employees as your company grows.

• Automatically calculates Regular hours and two levels of Overtime to the exact minute or rounded to the nearest quarter or tenth of an hour.

• Supports virtually all weekly, biweekly, semimonthly and monthly pay periods.

• Manage Sick, Vacation, Personal and Other time off and apply Holiday time globally or to selected employees.


Widmer Model 776/776-LED

This modern number, date and time stamp features a distinct two-tone light and dark gray finish that will complement the decor of any office. The digital time display can be synchronized with the print mechanism.

The recorder is versatile and unique as it offers two printing heads that will enable numerous combinations of Time, Number and Dating, also Alpha Wheels for coding, a combined total of 22 wheels.

Our conventional printing head has 6 wheels. Consecutive action will advance with each stamping. Available with either consecutive, duplicate, triplicate or quadruplicate action (but not a combination of these) - any combination of number, letter and dash wheels up to 11 wheels per head. Can be furnished with repeat switch or external number advanced switch. Guide platforms available for special print locations.

Insertion of the paper activates the trigger for split second stamping. A new, open throat allows greater accessibility; documents of letter size or small tickets may be inserted with ease.

The printing location can be adjusted to allow a selection of imprint locations. Another important feature -- the stamping blow can be increased to penetrate carbonized forms, also pressure sensitive carbonless forms.

Timing heads in addition to our conventional Year, Month, Date, AM/PM Hours and Minutes are also available in many other forms such as Military Time 0 to 2300 Hours, Half Minute, Tenth Hour or reverse print.

OCR type font (10 pitch USA Standard A) can also be furnished for special applications.

Inscription may be above and below the Time, Date, and Number printing line.

Tamper-proof machine is locked with a key. Only authorized personnel can change the setting. To Operate Simply plug into an ordinary AC lighting circuit at any point. The minutes, hours, A.M. and P.M. and the day of the month advance automatically.

Model 776LED includes an LED based clock display.



• Size -- Height 7-3/8" Width 7" Depth 10"

• Power -- 115 Volt 60 HZ

Widmer 776-E

The Widmer 776-E Embosses a raised seal into a document while at the same time prints a combination of signature, title, date, and additional text -- ALL IN ONE EASY STEP!!! Signature and text may be printed in single or tri-color ink. The print/emboss trigger is paper activated -- no buttons to push or levers to pull. The Validator is also available with a printed indelible ink seal on the model TV776. The TV776 and the 776-E use the same rugged components -- cast iron upper and lower casing ensures stability and long life. The Widmer 776-E satisfies a broad range of applications. It can sign, validate, certify, and date university and college transcripts, birth and marriage certificates, and offer the one step solution to many municipal, county, state, and national, government agency applications.

Widmer WTV-B3 Master
Clock Trade Validator System

OATS Compliant Time Stamp for NASD Traders
Fast, Simple and Reliable, maS comster clock based Trade Validation system for NASD Traders...ensure your OATpliancy today. Maintains Audit Trail Log of each "Synchronization" with the Atomic Clock.

• B3 Master Clock synchronizes with the Atomic Clock

• Accuracy of +/- 2 seconds per day without synchronization

• Fully automated, no operator adjustments needed

• Secure, time is not operator adjustable

• Fast, 2 imprints per second

• Simple, Do-it-Yourself wire connections(Time Stamp machines connect with a Key Connector attached to the B3 Comm Port. One or more WTV stamp machines can be connected)

• Manual or Automatic printing

• Memory protected by Battery Backup

• Automatic Daylight Savings Time adjustment

• Manual or Automatic printing

• Selectable for Right or Left side printing

• Easy to replace Ribbon Cartridge

• Selectable Imprint format

• Automatic Date, Month and Year change

• Expandable..just add WTV Stamp machines and connectors



• Operational Battery Backup for WTV Stamp machines

• Dot Matrix Printer, when "Printed Time Sync. Logs" are needed


• Weight: 19 lbs.
• Dimensions: 6 7/8"(w) x 8 5/16"(h) x 6 3/16"(d)
• Humidity: 10%-90% (no condensation)



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