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Previously known as Ocean Business Machines, we have merged with Advanced Money Systems.

Busters and Cutters

V-350 Burster

The V-350 Burster trims, separates, and stacks continuous forms at speeds up to 160 feet per minute and accommodates 5-part carbonless or 3-part interleaved forms without adjustments.

This compact forms burster can burst and trim up to 5-part carbonless or 3-part carbon interleaved at a variable speed of 40 to 160 feet per minute. A belt conveyor and sequence stacker collects bursted forms at the output end of the machine, while the interlocking safety system protects the operator. Options include a stand, check signer, and center slitter.

FORMS Up to 17.5″ (W), 3″ to 12′ (L)
SPEED 40 to 160 feet per minute
CAPACITY 5-part carbonless or 3-part carbon interleaved*
FEATURES Belt conveyor and sequence stacker collect forms at outfeed; interlock safety system
OPTIONS Stand, check signer, center slitter
DIMENSIONS (LxWxH) 37″ X 22″ X 8″
*Varies upon perforation

V-415 Cut Sheet Burster

Burst and sequentially stack applications such as coupons, gift certificates, invoices, labels, and other multiple items printed on pre-perforated forms, at speeds up to 140 sheets per minute. (pic 2) The V-415 is the ideal solution for companies producing perforated, multiple-item-per-page forms such as checks, gift certificates, invoices, labels, and more. Pre-perforated forms can be fed directly from a laser printer into the burster, where they will be automatically burst and stacked sequentially at speeds up to 140 sheets per minute. The V-415 has a minimum burst length of 2.5″ and maximum of 9.9″.

SPEED Two speed settings of 90 or 140 sheets per minute
FORM SIZE 4″ X 5″ to 11″ X 17″
PAPER WEIGHT 13 to 110 lb.*
STACKER eceiving tray
OPTION Belt conveyor stacker
DIMENSIONS (LxWxH) 32″ X 19″ X 9″
*Depending on form perforation

V-767 Burster

Unbeatable in quality and performance, the V-767 Forms Burster bursts, trims, decollates, slits, and imprints continuous forms and suits any forms handling requirement while enhancing the final appearance. (pic 3) Ideal for any office environment, the electronic length settings and fixed burst rollers make the V-767 compact and quiet, performing at variable speeds up to 393.4 feet per minute.

Low Profile Burster

The Formax FD 550 Continuous Form Tractor Feed Burster is capable of bursting forms with up to 4 parts at a speed of up to 200 feet per minute. Included slitters can trim margins up to .75 inches. The FD 550 burster features a base for added storage and height. Users with high volume will often run a Merger in-line with the burster to allow “two-up” processing. Two-up processing increases the output volume two-fold by taking a continuous business form printed two-up or side-by-side, slitting the two forms in the middle and feeding them into the burster in staggered format to come out of the machine in one neat and orderly stack. OPTIONS: Polyethylene Rollers, Power On/Off Key Lock, Safety Cover Key Lock, 14″ Form Length Adapter, Photo Cell Counter Six Digit Resettable, Static Eliminators, Vertical Folder, Power Drop Deep Stacker, Sound Reduction Kit. The Formax FD 550 burster can be custom ordered to suit the needs of the customer.

Medium Volume Burster

The Formax FD 668 Continuous Form Burster with Imprinter is a perfect medium volume burster for separating or breaking apart continuous feed business forms or computer paper at the horizontal perforation. With speeds up to 350 ft. per minute, the FD 668 medium volume industrial forms burster can process multiple part forms with ease.

• Handles forms up to 17 inches long

• Matching base cabinet

• Integrated safety interlocks

• Paper Weight capacity 100 lb, up to 4 parts

MAX PRODUCTION RATE 21000 forms per hour
MIN FORM SIZE 2-3/8″ X 12″
MAX FORM SIZE 2-3/4″ X 16″

High Volume Burster

The Formax Series FD 670 Continuous Business Form Burster is a high volume industrial burster designed to process large bursting jobs at speeds up to 500 feet per minute while slitting, separating and stacking the forms. As with all Formax industrial bursters, a conveyor unit is standard on the Formax FD-670 Series. A power drop-stacker can be added to enhance productivity.

FD 676 (w/base)
FD 680 (w/base and imprinter)
VARIABLE SPEED 30 to 500 feet per minute)
POWER REQUIREMENT 15 Amps, 115 Volts, 50/60Hz A.C. (UL Listed)
FORM WIDTH 2-3/4″ to 19 1/4″ (slitting), 2-3/8″ to 17″ (non-slitting)
FORM LENGTH 2-3/4″ to 17″
PAPER WEIGHT 10 lb. to 140 lb. card stock
DIMENSIONS 58″W x 33″W x 44″H
WEIGHT 428 Lbs.
BURSTING To 8-part, carbon-interleaved or carbonless forms. Permanent fastening of one or both margins recommended.
FEATURES Tractor feed, slitters, cabinet, safety interlocks and conveyor.
OPTIONS Center slitter. Dust cover. Cylinder for 2-up printing. Tri-color ink roller. Vertical folder. Power drop stacker. Cover lock. On/off key lock. Photo cell counter (6-digit). Last form shut-off switches (manual or timer). Interchangeable imprint modules. Crash imprinting.

Automate the tedious task of opening incoming mail with the FD 450 Automatic Letter Opener. The FD 450 reliably operates at speeds of up to 300 envelopes per minute. One side of the envelope is slit so that the contents are left undamaged with no messy paper scraps to clean up. This increases work flow and ensures document integrity.

The FD 572 Cut-Sheet Cutter is designed to process up to 50 cut sheet forms per minute, from nonimpact or laser printers. The FD 572 will automatically feed the forms and cut, slit, or perforate in the desired position. This machine is ideal for use with checks, coupons, tickets, membership cards, notices and labels.

V-580 Cut Sheet Cutter

Delivering precise, razor sharp edges on every finished piece, the V-580 is the ideal cutting solution for checks, coupons, notices, tickets, labels, and much more.

Uniquely designed to handle cut sheet forms generated from a non-impact or laser printer, the V-580 will automatically feed the forms and cut, slit, or perforate in the desired position. The quality-engineered feeding and cutting system of the V-580 delivers precise and razor sharp edges on every finished piece. Ideal for checks, coupons, notices, tickets, and labels.

SPEED 50 feet per minute (no cut)
FORM SIZE 4″ x 4″ up to 14.5″ x 18″
PAPER WEIGHT 13 lb. to 110 lb.
MINIMUM LENGTH 2″ finished length
FEED TRAY CAPACITY 350 sheets of 20 lb.
STACKER eceiving tray
DIMENSIONS (LxWxH) 21.88″ x 22.88″ x 8.06″

490 Hydraulic Cutter

The quality-engineered 490 Hydraulic Cutter ensures both precision and speed in the critical cutting process. (pic 6) 490 Hydraulic Cutter is built to last and guarantees both precision and speed in the critical cutting process. This quick and easy cutting solution is reliable for meeting deadlines and offers pinpoint cutting accuracy to avoid expensive reprints. Duplo’s quality-engineered cutter guarantees complete satisfaction cut after cut.

Features include:

• Hydraulic powered, rugged construction

• State-of-the-art technology for ultimate automation

• Stands up to rigorous workflow demands

• Standard light emitting & receiving safety sensors on front cutting table

• Solid cast-iron frame

• Special anti-friction surface aluminum alloy cutting table requires no polish or waxing and will not rust over cutter life

MAXIMUM CUT WIDTH 19.29″ (490mm)
POWER REQUIREMENTS 220V single phase 60Hz AC 2HP
WEIGHT 880 lb. (400 kg)
DIMENSIONS 40.16″ X 45.28″ X 53.55″

660P Hydraulic Cutter

With its rugged construction, solid cast-iron frame, and powerful hydraulics, the 660P cutter is designed to meet rigorous workflow demands.

Offering dependable, precision paper trimming, Duploís 660P cutter is constructed of solid cast-iron and powerful hydraulics for long-lasting performance. Accuracy and ease-of-use are ensured by special features such as an eye-level readout that shows paper position in inches or millimeters on a large digital display. Additional features include an illuminated optical cutting line; a foot-powered clamp for cutting difficult stock; false clamp plates to protect super-sensitive stock; and a special “anti-friction surface” that allows trouble-free handling of all types of paper stocks. The 660P accommodates cuts 26.5″ wide and paper heights up to 3.93″. This model offers a standard computerized cutter automation system that stores up to 72 cut locations with nine job selections for maximum productivity.

Features include:

• Hydraulic powered, rugged construction

• State-of-the-art technology for ultimate automation

•Stands up to rigorous workflow demands

•Standard light emitting & receiving safety sensors

MINIMUM CUT SIZE 2.40″ with false clamp
0.78″ without false clamp
CLAMP PRESSURE 300 to 2,500 lbs.
DIMENSIONS 40.16″ X 45.28″ X 53.55″

DC-535 Cut Sheet Cutter

The DC-535 produces perfectly centered professional-looking, full-bleed pieces by trimming all four sides of a document in a single pass.

Not having access to a large guillotine-style cutter doesn’t have to mean time-consuming hand trimming, putting up with design limitations, or making do with unattractive white borders. Duplo’s DC-535 produces perfectly centered, professional-looking, full-bleed pieces by automatically trimming all four sides of a document in a single pass. Uniquely designed to handle short-run output requiring a variety of final trim sizes, the Duplo DC-535 is perfect for cut-sheet forms generated by color printers and copiers.

Featuring an LCD control panel that guides users through the automatic setup of both vertical and horizontal trims, the DC-535 is extremely easy to use. With 99 memory settings, the DC-535 offers plenty of space for storing frequently run jobs. And recalling stored jobs is as simple as touching a button. Other convenient features include a self-compensating suction-feed system, high-capacity waste basket for trimmings, plus automatic jam and out-of-paper detection. The DC-535 makes it easy and economical to produce all types of brochures, flyers, direct mail pieces, catalogs, and posters. And because it can be set to side-trim only, it is also well suited for making calendars, banners, signs, and other longer items.

TRIM Trims up to four sides at once; programmable settings for trims parallel to leading edge; manual setup for trims perpendicular to leading edge
SPEED Up to 55 sheets per minute (8.5″x11″ with no cuts perpendicular to feed direction)
Up to 35 sheets per minute (8.5″x11″ trimming all four sides, long edge leading)
INPUT PAPER SIZE (WXL) 6″ X 6″ to 12.6″ X 18″
OUTPUT PAPER SIZE (WXL) 6″ X 4″ to 12.6″ X 18″
PAPER WEIGHT 16 to 110 lb.*
FEED SYSTEM Automatic vacuum feed
DIMENSIONS 46″ X 23″ X 38″
*Depending on paper quality and lamination,

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