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How do Self-Service Coin Centers become destinations?

By choosing a Self-Service Coin Center that fits your institution.  This choice will have a positive long-term impact for your depositors and your staff.  Regardless of whether this is your first purchase of a Self-Service Coin Center or your next generation, our goal is to help make your branch a destination.  Exploring all the options is critical.

Cabinet Styles

  • Choice of coin output
  • Choice of capacity based on volume
  • Made with noise-reducing material
  • Quiet

400 Series


700 Series


900 Series

What’s Inside?

Choice of Coin Output

Full Sort to Coin Bags – 1/2 or Full Fed Bagstops
Mixed Output to Coin Bags – Programmable by weight or piece count

  • Bags rest on cabinet floor to minimize lifting
  • Direct access to all bags or vault through secure doors
  • Rear access option to bags offers lobby or teller-line integration


Static Marketing

Magner Self-Service Coin Centers are designed to accept display advertising in optional sign holders. Cabinets can also be custom painted or wrapped with branded graphics.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing packages are designed to enable you to market and cross-sell your products and services while you have a captive audience, your depositor, operating your Coin Center.

Promotional Pieces

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