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Mx-3 Touch Exception Item MICR Encoder

Encoding exception items at the point-of-entry saves time and money.

Maverick’s new Mx-3 Touch Exception Item Encoder has both a standard keyboard for quick entry and a Touch screen for navigation.

Maverick became the industry standard because MICR fields could be modified immediately via the keyboard. That allowed Maverick to deliver the Customer’s desired change upon demand. Now Maverick has gone a step further by allowing you, the End User, to make those changes safely and without assistance through our new Touch display interface. If you can use a cell phone, you can use the Touch!

Snap in a ribbon, select a function tile via the Touch Screen, key in data, and begin encoding. It’s really just that easy.

The space saving Mx-3 Touch is the size of a sheet of paper and will allow you to improve Customer Service at the branch by printing lobby documents such as deposit slips, temporary checks, and other MICR-based documents. Or use the Touch to encode any or all fields necessary to “repair” items for . .
image processing.

Features and Benefits

Encodes Single/Multipart Documents
Programmable Function Tiles
3 x 4 full-color Touch screen
Self-contained Ribbon Cartridge
Standard Document Auto Eject
Optional Document Catch Tray
Future Upgradeability

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