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Coin Counter- Sorters Packages

Model 305S+

Designed for ease of use and rugged performance, the Model 305S+ Coin Sorter processes mixed coin at speeds up to 700 coins per minute. Using advanced alloy sensor technology the Model 305S+ can also off-sort unwanted coins or objects from the coin mix.

In a tabletop or full bagging configuration, the Model 305S+ provides outstanding value for mid-range sorting applications.

The Model 305S+ Coin Sorter was developed for mixed coin applications that demand high levels of accuracy and reliability.

The unit counts and sorts the six U.S. Coin Denominations providing batch and grand total accumulation along with individual denomination totals. It’s built in state of the art Alloy Sensor allows the automatic off-sorting of foreign and damaged coins, tokens, and slugs.

Bag stops are exact and user programmable. The Model 305S+ sorter can be configured as a counter-top sorter with coin drawers or can be set up on a stand to facilitate the bagging of up to five coin denominations.

The Model 305S+ Coin Sorter can also be configured with coin tubing adapters for coin packaging applications.


To complete your coin processing center, a journal printer can also be added to the configuration. Select either a free-standing unit or one that is built-in on the Model 305P (shown at the left)

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Electronic Coin Counter and Sorter
  • Automatically counts and sorts change at up to 250 coins per minute!

  • Clearly displays grand total for all coins and their dollar value. Offers quick reports for each denomination as well.

  • Counts and sorts pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters.

  • Separates each denomination into batch amounts for easy coin rolling.

  • Hopper allows for an initial fill of up to 1,600 coins. Coin bins hold up to 900 coins each.

Quickly and easily count and sort your collected coins with the Cassida C100 Electronic Coin Counter and Sorter! This medium-duty machine counts and sorts the main four denominations of US coins: pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. With a top counting speed of 250 coins per minute and a top hopper that can hold up to 1,600 coins, the C100 will make quick work of your mixed change. The large, easy-to-read LED display will show the total coin count and dollar value and even toggles to display a count for each denomination. Set batch quantities per denomination to have exactly the amount of coins you need for a roll or any other purpose. The C100 will stop the flow of coins and alert you once a batch has reached its limit.



Business-Grade Electronic Coin Sorter, Counter and Roller
  • Automatically counts and sorts change at speeds of up to 300 coins per minute!

  • Coin wrappers insert directly into the included coin tubes for fast and easy rolling.

  • Counts and sorts pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and dollar coins.

  • Large hopper allows for an initial fill of up to 2,000 coins. Coin bins hold up to 900 coins each.

  • Flexible modes are perfect for all your coin counting needs: count, add or create custom batches!



A Complete Solution to Coin Counting, Sorting and Wrapping

  • Functionality & Ease of Use: The C300 counts, sorts, adds, batches, and wraps the coins (U.S. Coins: Dollar Coins, Quarters, Nickels, Dimes and Pennies).

  • Fast, Reliable and Accurate: With a hopper capacity of 2000 coins, the C300 will accurately count and sort your coins at a speed of 300 coins per minute.

  • Innovative and Efficient Rolling System: Unlike standard coin counters where you must remove the tube to load every wrapper, Cassida C300 comes armed with the QuickLoad™ coin tubes allowing for an easy swap of the full roll with the next coin wrapper from the bottom of the tube.

  • Advanced Reporting: The large LCD screen puts your mind at ease as it displays the number of coins counted, total dollar value and the dollar amount for each denomination.

  • Printing Capabilities: Pair the C300 with the Cassida Thermal Printer (sold separately) to print a detailed receipt of your daily count for easy bank deposits and personal record keeping.



Portable Heavy-Duty Coin Counter/Off-Sorter

  • A compact counting workhorse: counts up to 2,000 coins a minute!

  • Multiple mode options: Count, Add or set custom Batch amounts.

  • Special off-sorting option, which works on all modes, allows for a single denomination to be counter while sorting out others.

  • Works with all North American coins: U.S., Canadian, and Mexican. Works with most tokens, too!

  • Perfect on the go: small, lightweight size with a built-in handle.


C850Portable Heavy-Duty Coin Counter/Off-Sorter

  • Quick, jam-free coin counting: counts up to 1,900 coins per minute with a 2-speed motorized hopper.

  • Multiple mode options: Count, Add or set custom Batch amounts.

  • Special off-sorting option, which works on all modes, allows for a single denomination to be counter while sorting out others.

  • Works with all North American coins: U.S., Canadian, and Mexican. Works with most tokens, too!

  • Count on any countertop or table with the conveniently placed front reject slot.

Till Tally


Professional Bill & Coin

Counting Scale

  • Quickly and accurately count down an entire cash register drawer in under a minute! Counts bills, coins and coin rolls.

  • Compact and portable! Runs on either batteries or DC power so the TillTally™ can go anywhere it’s needed.

  • Outstanding accuracy– count each denomination of bills and coins at once with an exact count and sum based on weight.

  • Accurate accounting made easy! Access a denomination-by-denomination report at any time during a money count. Counts can also be printed for record keeping and auditing.

  • Stack up to 25 bills in a drop and 400 bills per denomination.

  • FLOAT function allows you to easily subtract opening float from the total for a true daily accrual account — an exclusive feature!

  • Can be paired with optional accessory: Universal Cash Handling Thermal Printer for ease of record tracking

    Model 935

    Whether you are packaging coins for recirculation or verifying coins into a bag, the Model 935 has everything you need to get the job done, a vast improvement over old technology or tedious hand counting.

    The Model 935 coin counter/packager offers the technology, performance, and productivity you expect from MAGNER® – a global leader in desktop money handling products.  With a wide range of features and options, the Model 935 is designed for accurate high speed processing, simplicity of operation, and rugged reliability, even in the most demanding applications.

    Model 935 Operational Instructions
    Model 935 Specifications
    Features – Large 7 digit LED display and keyboard
    – Automatic gravity feed coin hopper
    – Nine pre-programmed batch presets
    – Automatic jam recovery
    – Small coin off-sort
    – Off-sort cup and Off-sort bagging attachment
    Counting Speed 1800 coins per minute
    Counting Modes Continuous counting
    Variable presets
    Counting Devices Electronic sensor
    Coin Thickness .7 to 3.9 (mm)
    .0276 to .15354 (inches)
    Coin Diameter 14 to 34 (mm)
    .5512 to 1.3386 (inches)
    Dimensions 36.3 W x 27 D x 32.7 H (cm)
    14.3 W x 10.6 D x 12.9 H (inches)
    Weight 24.2 lbs. (11 kg)
    Hopper Capacity 3000 coins
    With extended hopper 12,000
    Ambient Temperature 0° to +40° C
    +32° to +104° F
    Power Consumption 70W
    Power Requirements 100V AC 60HZ or 220V 50HZ

CHS-10 High-Speed Coin Counter

Counting coins is a task that is time-consuming and must be error-free. Billcon’s new high speed CHS-10 coin counter processes high volume of coins at a rate of 4,000 per minute (dime) for accurate, rapid and efficient coin counting. The smaller size coins are rejected into a reject box, while larger size coins remain in the hopper.

For operators, the CHS-10 is extremely easy to use, simplifying their work. The body of this desktop model has a low design, so it is easy to place a large quantity of heavy coins into the hopper. All controls are located on the front of the machine to make operation more convenient.

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