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Cash Acceptor Cleaning Card

featuring Waffletechnology®Designed to safely remove all dirt, oil and magnetic oxides that collect in bill acceptors. Unlike traditional flat cards, the Cash Acceptor Cleaning Card features KIC’s patented Waffletechnology®, allowing the card to effectively reach and clean recessed mechanisms and sensors. In addition, the card is saturated with MiracleMagic™, an alcohol-free cleaning solution designed to safely clean, lubricate and protect magnetic heads, belts and sensors.

• Individually packaged (6.375” x 2.5”) cleaning card
• Designed to specifically clean bill validator components
• Alcohol-free solution is safe on component

Our patented Waffletechnology® uses raised and lowered waffles which compress and expand to clean recessed areas and around irregular surfaces where flat cards don’t reach.


with Waffletechnology® and WonderSolvent™Money is dirty. Your currency counter cycles through thousands of bills that leave dirt behind on belts, rollers and recognition lenses causing misreads, counting inaccuracies, and operational failure. Keep your device clean and prevent these issues with KIC’s Currency Counter Cleaning Card.

Heavy Duty Plastic Coin Bags

One-use coin bags with carrying handle. Full Federal Reserve capacity. Available in a pack of 50 bags or a case of 250 bags.

Magner Thermal Security Paper Rolls

Magner Thermal Security Rolls are security paper with a special top coating with the UV-ink on the reverse side of the receipt. Use them with our Self Service Coin Centers and 305 Coin Counter/Sorter. Available in a pack of 5 rolls or a case of 50 rolls. Custom Imprint Thermal Security Rolls are also available (100 case minimum).

Currency Counter Cleaning Cards

Magner Currency Counter Cleaning Cards are designed to clean the strippers, feed rollers, guide rollers, paper path, and metal plates found in all brands of currency counting equipment. They effectively remove dirt, ink, residue, and paper dust (flash), as well as other contaminants. Removal of these materials with periodic cleanings simply makes your currency counter feed and perform better.

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