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Previously known as Ocean Business Machines, we have merged with Advanced Money Systems.

Check Handling Equipment


The Standard Register encoder line has the lowest reject rate in the industry. Less than one tenth of 1 percent! “Reliable, sturdy, and very accurate” are the comments we hear from our customers. New Millennium Technology is a Standard Register master dealer. This means the best pricing to you.

Standard Register MICR Encoders are the best in the business. Standard Register Encoders routinely have the lowest reject rate in the industry. Standard Register Encoders meet all present Federal Reserve Bank requirements for deposit endorsements. All machines have the ability to customize what information is imprinted on the document. The ability to customize will allow you to conform to future Federal Reserve requirements as needed.

TE 1914

Introducing the most precise, productive Point-of-Entry Encoder on the market, without exception.

With Standard Register’s new TE1914, your tellers and support personnel can encode missing account numbers on internal documents in seconds, faster and easier than any competitive model.

And they can do it virtually error-free because of our refined, user-friendly design, high quality ribbons, and patented printing technology.

The compact footprint of the TE1914 frees up room for other functions, improving customer service. Because ribbons can be stored and changed by your operator on-site, downtime is limited. By moving encoding to the teller station, you save time and money up-front, before items with missing or inaccurate account information reach your proof department. And you don’t pay for excess or redundant features of large-scale, back room check encoders.


TE 1916

With Standard Register’s innovative TE1916 batch encoder, you can print the highest quality MICR lines on checks faster and easier than even before, while totaling and sorting more precisely and productively. An improved LCD display, redesigned keypad (or optional remote keyboard), and more user-friendly loading features reduce errors and increase throughput. Microprocessor controls alert operators to miskeys, mutilated documents, ribbon problems and other malfunctions so time and labor aren’t wasted. And multi-function keys put a variety of custom-encoding options and upgrades at your fingertips.

The TE1916 allows retailers to quickly and accurately encode customer checks – then generate batch tickets and deposit slips – on site. So, they can take advantage of per item discounts, extend cut-off time for deposits, and improve cash flow by making more income available on the day it’s received. The savings in bank fees are considerable.

TE 1916E

Now retailers and financial institutions that process checks for deposit can do it more quickly and efficiently. By combining encoding and endorsing in one simple step, Standard Register’s TE1916E streamlines your operation, cuts labor costs and decreases errors. Its reduced footprint – sixteen percent smaller than any previous model — not only takes up less space, it also maximizes throughput. And that can mean savings in per item charges from one to over three cents. BATCH RECALL keeps separate totals for different operators using operator access codes.

The TE1916E meets all present Federal Reserve Bank requirements for deposit requirements. As checks are fed through the machine, your financial institution’s routing and transit number is automatically offset by arrows, in either purple or black ink, in zone two on the back of each check. Other imprinted information includes the date, name, city, and state of the depository bank. Optionally, you can choose it incorporate the street address, phone number, serial number and/or to program a payee endorsement.

With the TE1916E’s programmable remote keypad, you can enter or change endorsement information such as dates and serial numbers as needed. And you can store up to fifteen different formats in memory for increased document processing flexibility and for easy compliance with future regulatory changes.


Hedman HE-1500

The HE-1500 will write monetary amounts on documents with font designs to thwart alteration. The HE-1500 is capable of protecting monetary amounts with unique double-height fonts, and also provides reporting capabilities for total audit control. Programming for up to 4 separate check types.


• Amounts are printed with unique, double-height numerals that defeat alteration.

• Regular or Reverse imprints further secure the amount imprint.

• Special prefix and suffix imprints prevent additional numbers from being inserted.

• Custom or standard prefixes are available for added security and control

• Dual key/lock controls and Executive Passwords prevent unauthorized access to general operation, executive functions and prefix EPROM.

• Programmable Password option provides added security against unauthorized usage and enables detailed audit control.

• Unique “Void Over” statement further enhances amount security

• Programmable Check Number option improves document reconciliation.

• Account limits improve managers’ control over high amount disbursements.


Hedman HE-1600

The Hedman HE-1600 is a electronic 12 digit check writer with advanced features. Amounts are printed with unique, double-height numerals designed to stifle alteration. Special prefix and suffix imprints prevent additional numbers from being inserted and account and signature suppression limits improve manager’s control over high amount disbursements. Three different reports list, summarize and total all transactions for simplified reconciliation. Handles up to 4 different accounts and can void checks and subtract amounts from disbursement balance.

Hedman EDP Plus

The Hedman EDP PLUS continuous form imprinter can be programmed for up to 10 different document sizes and can imprint designs ranging from signatures to seals with an assortment of backgrounds and text for any application. With security features such as programmable operator passwords, document non-resetable counter and dual key/lock control

Easy to use:

• Transport keeps continuous forms securely aligned.

• Automatic alignment assures accurate imprint location.

• Imprint plate loading is easy with Hedman’s executive latch-load holder.

• Back-lite LCD provides clear “easy-to-read” operator prompts.

• Ten programmable accounts provide flexibility for document sizes or imprint locations.

• Up to twenty operators can access unit under password option.

• Easily adapts to a variety of papers ranging in length, width and number of copies.

• A variety of imprint designs can be used, from signatures to seals with an assortment of backgrounds and text for any application.


Hedman EDP 2000

The EDP 2000 is ideal for signing either 3-1/2″ or 7″ continuous checks or documents. Dual key locks and both a resettable and non-reset able counter is included for maximum controls. Specification speed of 240 pieces per minute, paper size 17″maximum width, 3-1/2″-7″ length
Dimensions: 9″L X 25.25″W X 14.75″H.

Dependable Security

• Dual key/lock controls provide maximum control over the imprinting function

• Signature Cover lock guards against unauthorized usage

• Non-resettable display audit counter keeps an accurate running count of all processed checks Resettable batch counter automatically counts each signed check for accurate batch totals

• Optional tri-color ink rolls provide added security to each impression

• Tamper proof screws

Ease of Operation

• Transports keep continuous form checks securely aligned

• Signs 240 checks a minute, counts, stack and secures them in one easy process

• Flexibility Easily adapts to checks in various weights with vouchers on the top, bottom or side

• Signature selector has a lock in position for 3-1/2″ conventional checks or for 7″ voucher style check signing

• Side by side dual signature system is available

• A variety of imprint designs can be utilized ranging from signatures to seals with an assortment of backgrounds and text for any application


DI – 50

The DI-50 is a rugged and dependable Endorser/Document Imprinter that can process 5,500 documents per hour! Features include: resetable batch counter, photo alignment for accurate imprint location, bottom feed to assure proper sequencing of documents and reloading during operation and a catch tray that is easily removed for storage.

• Simple imprint plate loading.

• All-metal construction.

• Easy inking adjustment.

• The small footprint means the DI-50 can fit in any office.

• Imprint location is easily adjusted while imprinting documents.

• Optional dating and batch numbering heads are available. The DI-50 is ideal for endorsing and can handle a variety of imprint designs such as signatures, seals and logos.



DI – 100

The Hedman DI-100 is a cut sheet document stamper, endorser and signature machine with high security and flexibility. Security features include dual key locks, tamper proof screws, executive key lock, and non-resettable counter. Imprints can be placed virtually anywhere on the document. Optional Tri-color ink roll provides added security to each impression. A signature form for the Hedman DI-100 will be sent upon purchase to be submitted plate engraving.


Widmer S-3 Check Signer

The Widmer S-3 Check Signer is a simple single sheet check signer. Great for simple secure check signing. Both operation and signature plate access are controlled by a secure dual key lock system. The Widmer S-3 offer automatic check signing by simply inserting your check!

Your S-3 will arrive ready for use. Simply complete the signature sheet below and follow the submission instructions. Your Widmer S-3 will arrive with your engraved signature plate within 10 working days! Pricing includes signature plate and initial ribbon. Prior to shipment we will engrave your signature plate, install the plate and adjust the signature imprint. Your Widmer S-3 will then be shipped to you READY TO GO!

Dual locking system is the ultimate in control.

One lock turns off the electronics when not in use. The other lock prevents access to the signature plate by unauthorized personnel. The unique design lets you interchange the signature plates horizontally or vertically. the entire plate is removable for security when not in use.

• FEATURES: The non-resettable counter records number of impressions made.

• SIGNATURE OPTIONS: Single, double or triple signatures that can be used with a solid or three-color ribbon. The signature plates can be inserted horizontally or vertically. Just insert your check… and the switch is automatically tripped to imprint your signature.

• DURABLE: The rugged, all-metal construction is designed to perform indefinitely. The signature plate is made of a Miraclon, an indestructible polymer.


CC-3 Check Certifier

CC-3 Check Certifier with Standard Upper Engraved Dies, Printed Control Number On Every Check, Dual Security Control, Automatic Trip, Changeable Date, Heavy Cast Metal Case, Automatic Ribbon Advance, Tri-Color Ribbon Standard. CC-3 Check Certifier with Standard Upper Engraved Dies, Printed Control Number On Every Check, Dual Security Control, Automatic Trip, Changeable Date, Heavy Cast Metal Case, Automatic Ribbon Advance, Tri-Color Ribbon Standard, Simply plug into an ordinary AC lighting circuit, Insert security lock key to operate imprint, The numbers will advance automatically with each impression, Two-tone light and dark gray finish.


• Printed Control Number On Every Check

• Dual Security Control

• Automatic Trip

• Changeable Date

• Heavy Cast Metal Case

• Automatic Ribbon Advance

• Tri-Color Ribbon Standard

• Simply plug into an ordinary AC lighting circuit

• Insert security lock key to operate imprint

• The numbers will advance automatically with each impression

• Two-tone light and dark gray finish


SIZE 7-1/4” height, 4-3/4” width and 10” depth.
WEIGHT 17 Lbs.
POWER 115 Volt 60 HZ Optional 220V 50 Hz

Paymaster 9000

The 9000 Series Manual Check Protector

The ultimate in “contemporary” check writing security. Replaceable ribbon cartridge and accommodates business and personal checks.


•NEW – with full 2 year parts (excluding ribbon) warranty

• Two-key security system

• Exclusive replaceable ink ribbon cartridge

• Deeply serrated Paymaster typeface

• Imprints various sized checks quickly and accurately

• Durable frame construction accommodates a wide variety of multiple copy negotiable documents

• Customized serrated name plate promotes your business while protecting your checks

• Dye based inking provides the ultimate alteration deterrent

• Type style offers punctuation and conventional dollar and cent demarcation

• Available in 9, 10, or 11 column print capacities (Models 9000-9, 9000-10, or 9000-11)


DIMENSIONS 10″W X 14-3/4″L X 11-1/2″H
WEIGHT 15 Lbs.
INK CARTRIDGE LIFE (Appx.) 1500-3000

Maverick encoders – Reconditioned

Contact for models and pricing

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