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Previously known as Ocean Business Machines, we have merged with Advanced Money Systems.

Counterfeit Detectors

See our wide selection of currency counters with built in counterfit detection!!

Cashscan 1800 Counterfeit Detector

Cashscan 1800 Counterfeit Detector is the original and most popular counterfeit detection device in the world. Cashscan 1800 Counterfeit Detector verifies the magnetic properties of the ink on the face of all U.S. Dollars.

Cashscan 1800 Counterfeit Detector. The Cashscan 1800 is the original and most popular counterfeit detection device in the world with over 125,000 units sold. Using state-of-the-art technology, the Cashscan 1800 verifies the magnetic properties of the ink on the face of all U.S. Dollars in order to verify the authenticity of a note.

Genuine notes are identified by a green light while suspect notes are identified with a red light and audible tone. The Cashscan 1800 is compact, lightweight, and portable. The unit can be powered by the 110/220 switchable power supply (included) or on six “AA” batteries. The Cashscan 1800 comes with a 1 year parts and labor warranty. The Cashscan 1800 is upgradeable for future releases of U.S. Currency.

• Portable using AA batteries

• Operates on 110/220 switchable adapter

• Weight: 2 lbs.

PRICE $165.00 

Ultra Scan 2600 CashScan

The CashScan Ultrascan 2600 Counterfeit Bill Detector – detects Multiple Magnetic Ink Locations, Security Threads and Infra- Red Markings on U.S. Currency. Cashscan Corp., the pioneer in state-of-the-art counterfeit detection technology introduces our most sophisticated innovation in the advancement of currency verification. The ULTRASCAN 2600 Counterfeit Detection Machine provides the highest degree of reliability in the industry with a combination of custom designed sensors integrated into a single unit. The result provides for the first time, a unit which is capable of detecting even the most sophisticated counterfeit notes, including previously undetectable “Supernotes”. In tests performed with 100 of the most sophisticated counterfeit “Supernotes” the ULTRASCAN identified 100% of these notes as counterfeit ULTRASCAN MODEL 2600 Counterfeit Detector’s combination of unique sensors ensures extreme accuracy and reliability in detecting counterfeit currency. Ultrascan is simple to operate providing the user with a green flashing light for genuine notes and a red light with a buzzer to identify suspect notes. Just insert a note into the Cashscan Electric Counterfeit Detection Machine and in less than a second you will have an answer.

Cashscan ULTRASCAN 2600 Counterfeit Detection Device Digitally Displays:

1. Works on ALL U.S. Bills – 1 996 series and later,and pre-1996 series.

2. Denomination of each note tested

3. Quantity of authentic notes

4. Total Dollar value of authentic notes.

5. Display function is for bills printed in 1996 and later.

The Cashscan ULTRASCAN 2600 Counterfeit Detection Device can be easily upgraded to verify future releases of currency issued by the United States Federal Reserve Bank

Cashscan Ultrascan 2600 Counterfeit Bill Detector Specifications:

1. Operates on 110/220 switchable adapter

2. Warranty: 1 Year parts and labor

3. Weight: 3 lbs.

4. Dimensions: 8 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ x 3 1/4″ (216mm x 114mm x 83mm)

PRICE $495.00 

Superscan II Counterfeit Detector

Superscan II Counterfeit Detector is the only currency verification device that can print, record, or download to a PC, the serial numbers of U.S. Dollars. Superscan II Counterfeit Detector is the accepted standard for currency tracking, verification, and traceability.

Using several testing methods, including denomination recognition and multiple magnetic heads, the Superscan II is able to identify the denomination of a note, verify it’s authenticity, and record and/or print the serial number of the note, all in less than a second.

Superscan II is the only unit on the market that uses OCR Technology (Optical Character Recognition) allowing you to not only print the tested notes serial numbers directly from the built in printer, but to also build a database for future reference, printing, or to lookup specific notes using the built-in PC interface.

Used by banks, currency exchanges, and law enforcement organizations worldwide, the Superscan II is the accepted standard for currency tracking, verification, and traceability.

The Superscan II comes with an included universal power supply and is easily serviced by connecting the serial port to any desktop or laptop computer. The Superscan II is also easily upgradeable for future currency releases.

Operates on a universal power supply (90v-240v)


• Voltage: 110V

• Warranty: 1 year parts & labor

• Dimensions: 9″ x 5″ x 6″

• Weight: 6 lbs.

PRICE $1,195.00 

Cashscan Model Superscan III USCV 112

Cashscan Superscan III Counterfeit Detector can be interfaced with a PC or laptop to build a searchable database of scanned serial numbers. Cashscan Superscan III Counterfeit Detector.

CASHSCAN Superscan III Counterfeit Detector. The Superscan III is a similar unit to the Superscan II but more cost efficient for applications that require only a PC and not a built in printer.

Using several testing methods, including denomination recognition and multiple magnetic heads, the Superscan III is able to identify the note, verify it’s authenticity, and using OCR (Optical Character Recognition), record the serial number of the note, all in less than a second. The Superscan III can be interfaced with a PC or laptop to build a searchable database of scanned serial numbers.

The Superscan III comes with an included 110/220 power supply. The Superscan III requires minimal maintenance and is easily upgraded for future currency releases.

Operates on 110/220 switchable adapter.


• Voltage: 110V

• Warranty: 1 year parts & labor

• Dimensions: 8″ x 4″ x 3″

• Weight: 3 lbs.

PRICE $995.00 

Uniscan UCCV 450

The Uniscan Model 450 is the first unit that utilizes magnetic detection together with a revolutionary thread detection device to verify the currency of up to 21 different countries in a single unit.

Users can select 21 different currencies from a library of over 70 currencies to customize their units. For most currencies, the Uniscan will identify the denomination of the note being tested as well as the total value of all the notes tested.

The Uniscan works on 110/220 switchable power supply (included) and can easily be upgraded for new currency releases as well as to add additional currencies into the unit.

Operates on 110/220 switchable adapter


• Warranty: 1 Year parts and labor

• Dimensions: 8??” x 5??” x 4″

• Weight: 3?? lbs.

PRICE $995.00 

CA 1000 Currency Authenticator

Incorporating the latest in currency scanning technology, the CA 1000 uses sophisticated pattern recognition and thread detection capability to authenticate US banknotes. For peace of mind and added security, it will detect nearly all of the most sophisticated counterfeits. Simple to use, the CA 1000 operation can be mastered in minutes. Its compact size means it will fit into virtually any workspace.


• Currency authentication using scanning technology combined with thread detection

• Compact design, small footprint and highly portable

• Simple to use

• One year warranty against manufacturing defects

• Can be upgraded for redesigned currency in the future

• Reads notes face-up in both directions

• Displays the:
Denomination of each note
Quantity of authentic notes
Total value of authentic notes processed

• Operating Modes:
Two Mode Operation: Includes one mode for 1990 series notes to present and a separate mode for 1988 and prior series notes.
Three Mode Operation: Same as above for 1990 series notes and separate mode with specific test for 1988 series notes. The third mode is for 1985 series and all prior notes (Two Mode Operation standard. Three Mode Operation can be activated by a local Magner Authorized Technician)


• Power Source: 110/220V AC

• Selectable Power Supply Dimensions:
8.5″D X 4.75″W X 3.25″H (216mmD X 121mmW X 83mmH

• Weight: 1.5 Lbs. (0.6 Kg.)

PRICE $595.00 

MAG II 4-in-1 Currency Authenticators

MAG II 4-in-1 Currency Authenticators are the most economical and effective safeguards available to determine the authenticity of banknotes, credit cards, traveler’s checks, IDs, and most drivers licenses. Both ultraviolet and white fluorescent lamps aid in the verification of features that are difficult or impossible to detect with the naked eye.

The 4-in-1 Plus can even be used in brightly lit environments unlike most UV devices. It is the primary deterrent used by many leading Financial Institutions, Retailers, Government Agencies, and Hospitality Industry Firms.

4-in-1 Plus Currency Authenticator – incorporates an improved “hood” design for greater visibility

• Paper reflectivity, watermarks and security thread characteristics on banknotes

• UV reactive characteristics common on transaction receipts, traveler’s checks, drivers licenses, IDs and credit cards

• Works great, even in brightly lit environments

• Compact design (only 10??”W X 6″H X 5-1/4″D)

• Two 6 watt overhead UV lamps and one 6 watt white fluorescent back light

• Durable, heavy-duty construction

Basic 4-in-1 Currency Authenticator – The ideal device for the authentication of currency as well as drivers licenses, IDs, traveler’s checks, and credit cards.

• Twelve watt overhead UV lamp and white fluorescent back light

• Small footprint (11″W X 6″D X 5.7″H)

• Works best when located away from direct or bright light sources

PRICE $59.95 

Fraud Fighter® UV-16

For the first time, users of Ultraviolet (UV) counterfeit detectors will actually know when the UV fluorescent bulbs or tubes in the detector are no longer functioning efficiently and potentially providing false readings of “Fake” or “Real.”

The industry’s best counterfeit detection device, the Fraud Fighter® UV-16, has been improved and now includes a new patent pending dual photovoltalic sensor which automatically informs the user when the UV flourescent tubes are no longer effective and need replacement. UV emissions from fluorescent tubes will decrease over time. The bulbs, though still lit, are no longer able to properly detect the prescence of the hidden UV features in the item being verified. This can leave users and customers exposed to fraud or false accusations of fraud.

Now You Know!


• UV Lamp: 2×8 Watt (enhanced) Model UVF861

• Power Output: 120 V AC

• Dimensions: 6.6″L X 3.5″W X 6″H (168mmW X 89mmW X 153mmH)

• Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty

• Verification Strip: Strips illustrate proper positioning of new UV security threads and watermarks on $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100 U.S. currency

PRICE $98.00 

Counterfeit Pens

A law enforcement favorite, the Panagio Pro® authentication pen may be used to detect counterfeit currency, credit cards, driver licenses, secure and chemically altered checks, cashiers checks, passports, visas and many other important documents. Patents pending worldwide.

Unlike small, toy-like UV key-chain lights, the Panagio Pro® is the tool of a professional. Metal construction, life-time warranty, and consistent performance throughout the lifespan of the batteries means this device will do the job for years to come. Don’t get stuck worrying if your portable UV light will work when the battery is no longer new.

The Panagio Pro® performs at specified wavelength throughout the life of the batteries. The Panagio Authentication Pen is the size of a normal fountain pen and may be used in any location in normal lighting conditions.

• Power Input: Uses 2 x AAA alkaline batteries.

• UV Source: 375 – nm focused beam.

PRICE $64.00 

POS-15 Undercounter UV Scanner

Designed specifically for counter and checkout areas where space is limited. The Model POS-15 is the smallest effective counterfeit detector available on the market. Suitable for mounting in multiple positions via screw or perma-grip adhesive strip that may attach to the top or the back of the lamp housing as required. The lamp housing is stainless steel and features a specular reflector. A high output integrally filtered 8 Watt tube produces more than 7″ of intense black light.


• The Model POS-15 may be used to detect counterfeit currency, credit cards, driver licenses, secure and chemically altered checks, cashiers checks, passports, visas and many other important documents.


• Power Input: 120 V AC UV Lamp – 4 watt Ultraviolet

• Dimensions: Length 7″ (191 mm), Height 2″ (57 mm), Width 2″ (57 mm)

• Warranty: Lifetime limited warranty Verification Strip

PRICE $75.00 

Money Detector Pen

There are millions of counterfeit bills in circulation. This money detector pen allows you to detect counterfeit money before you accept it. Simply mark anywhere on the bill — if it turns yellow the bill is good, if it turns black or brown the bill is a counterfeit.

Your money tester pen can be used in stores, shops, or any business that takes cash as a form of payemnt. If you try to deposit a counterfeit bill to your bank, they are obligated to take it from you and not give you credit for it. You simply lose the money. This effective counterfeit detector will prevent loss to you and your business. You can test the bills as they are handed to you and know whether or not they are real.

All of your cashiers should have one of these counterfeit detector pens and be instructed to use it on all large bills that are given to them.

PRICE 25-50 pens $2.75 ea. 
PRICE 51-100 pens $2.50 ea.
PRICE 101-300 pens $2.25 ea.
PRICE 301-500 pens $2.00 ea.


Currency Counter with Counterfeit Detection

The AMS-1000 is a highly efficient currency counter utilizing counterfeit detection technology. Counting by denomination, recognizing security features, and high-speed accuracy are just a few of the valuable features of this new product. Pre-programmed functions also allow the user to set automatic tasks that speed usage and assist in troubleshooting.

• High-Speed, up to 1,000 Bills per minute

• Counts total quantity of Banknotes

• Simultaneously verifies metallic/magnetic, ultra-violet, paper width and optical transparency features

• Sounds an alarm and stops counting when suspicious bill is detected

• Digital display of total currency counted

• Double, chained, and half-note detection

• Automatic starting, clearing, memory, and self-diagnosis functions

AMS-1000 Specifications:

COUNTING SPEED Up to 1,000 notes per minute
NET WEIGHT 16.53 lbs/unit
POWER SUPPLY AC 220V/50hz or AC 110V/60hz
DIMENSIONS 12.9″ X 9.4″W X 7.8″H
PRICE $398.00 

75 Series Currency Counter

The 75 Series offers the technology, performance, and productivity you expect from Magner – the global leader in table-top currency counters. With a wide range of features and options, the 75 Series is also designed for rugged reliability, even in the most demanding applications. The 75 Series provides accurate high speed processing at 1,500 notes per minute, simplicity of operation, and advanced currency authentication and detection capabilities.

Choose from a basic model with variable batching or a more advanced model with dual head, dual threshold magnetic counterfeit detection, or ultraviolet detection. You can also have both in combination should your application require it!

Series 75 V and MV Models
The Model 75V is a high-throughput note counter capable of extending the dollar value of currency denominations and tracking totals at the denomination, batch, and grand levels. Equipped with an optional printer, the 75V provides a detailed audit trail for improved control of cash counting and balancing operations. The Model 75MV offers all the capabilities of the 75V along with Magner’s field-proven dual magnetic detection technology. Whether you are balancing deposits or preparing them, the 75V and MV will help you do the job more efficiently and productively than ever before.

75 Series Currency Counter with Counterfeit Detection
The Model 75M offers advanced dual-head, dual threshold magnetic counterfeit detection, and the 75U version offers ultraviolet counterfeit detection. The 75UM offers both in combination.

The optional 75ED External Display for the 75 Series currency counter family incorporates a large green LED readout to remotely display the number of notes counted.



PRICE (75) $1,195.00 
PRICE (75M) $1,195.00 
PRICE (75V) $1,195.00 
PRICE (75MV) $1,395.00 
PRICE (75UM) $1,495.00 


Billcon N series

If you’re looking for an affordable, accurate and high-quality note counter…your search is over. The Billcon N-Series Note Counters offer you all this…and so much more. Heavy duty construction, sleek design and 1,500-note-per-minute speed…all in one compact machine.

With the Billcon N-Series you can increase your company’s productivity, and get the ease-of-use, product reliability, and superior after-sales support that’s made Billcon a success in over 70 countries worldwide.

• Billcon Model N-120 Currency Counter Offers variable speeds of 500, 1000, and 1500 documents per minute, variable batch (1-999), and error detection.

• Billcon Model N-131 Currency Counter with magnetic counterfeit detection.

• Billcon Model N-133 Currency Counter with magnetic and Ultraviolet counterfeit detection.


• Repeat Mode. Counting repeats automatically by a preset batch amount (100, 50, 25, 20, 10), or manually setting any other batch between 1 and 999.

• Batch Mode. Counting stops automatically when count reaches the preset batch amount. ADD MODE Automatically performs accumulation count function.

• Count Mode. Normal counting function. Can add verification function by presetting a batch amount.


• New Design: Space-saving size and sculpted appearance matches any office decor.

• Reliable: The N-Series will handle every type of note…from new and folded, to old and limp.

• User-Friendly: New larger buttons and easy-to-read LED display make operation a snap.

• Quiet Operation: The N-Series note counters are whisper-quiet at any speed.

• Instant Alarm for Error Detections: Notifies user of errors with an alarm and LED display.


• New Design: Space-saving size and sculpted appearance matches any office decor.

PRICE Billcon Model N-120   $1,295.00 
PRICE Billcon Model N-131   $1,645.00 
PRICE Billcon Model N-133   $1,895.00 


The D-1000 Multi-Detection Currency Counter is a full featured currency counter and discriminator that will meet the needs of any small business or bank. The D-1000 is a one-pocket discriminator that will halt operation in the event that it finds a bill that doesn’t match your count settings. For instance if you’re counting $1 bills and a $10 bill is located in the stack it will stop and allow you to remove the $10 bill so that you can continue operation for the remainder of the bills. This machine is capable of counting currency at an adjustable rate of up to 1,600 notes per minute. It has three counting modes to suit your needs: mixed counting, mixed sorting, and piece counting. It also features three different counterfeit detection systems such UV (ultraviolet), MG (magnetic), and IR (infrared) to find prevent those false bills from slipping through. The D-1000 is small and portable so you can take it where it is needed most. Other features include a blue backlit LCD screen, preset and manual batch settings, intelligent detection of misfeeds, and manual value input of worn bills.

PRICE $2,195.00 

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