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Previously known as Ocean Business Machines, we have merged with Advanced Money Systems.

Currency Counter

Magner 35-3

Premium is defined by performance, not defined by size. The compact Model 35-3 represents the third generation in a family of outstanding price/performers, which also boasts the #1 selling table-top currency counter in the world. Along with its appealing appearance, the 35-3 offers robust functionality with automatic start, full error detection, adjustable speed, variable currency batching, and accumulation mode. At speeds up to 1500 notes per minute, basic currency counting application can be performed with greater efficiency and optimum productivity.

One word best describes the Model 35-3…overachiever. It is a compact premium Currency Counter designed for outstanding performance in basic currency processing application. Designed for the beginning for superior reliability and dependability, the Model 35-3 is engineered to deliver MAGNER® quality performance for the long haul.


• 300 note input hopper capacity

• Variable batching 10-Key

• Pad Large LCD Total and Batch Displays

• Selectable Speeds

• Integrated carrying handle molded into case

• Input hopper with adjustable note guides

• Large capacity output stacker

• Accumulation mode

• Automatic/manual start

• External thickness adjustment

PRICE $595.00 

Mag20 Currency Counter

The Model 20 Currency Counter offers outstanding performance at an affordable price. For basic currency counting applications the unit is fast, accurate, and easy to use. Compact, durable, and highly portable, the Model 20 is a vast improvement over tedious hand counting methods or the frustration of old technology.


• Variable batching, with selectable presets at 0 (off), 10, 20, 25, 50 & 100.

• Full error detection including jam, chain, double, and half note.

• Large 4-digit count and 3-digit batch LED displays.

• Add mode allows cumulative counts.

• Automatic Start

• RS232 interface

• Options: Extended hopper clips

PRICE $495.00 

75 Series Currency Counter

The 75 Series offers the technology, performance, and productivity you expect from Magner – the global leader in table-top currency counters. With a wide range of features and options, the 75 Series is also designed for rugged reliability, even in the most demanding applications. The 75 Series provides accurate high speed processing at 1,500 notes per minute, simplicity of operation, and advanced currency authentication and detection capabilities.

Choose from a basic model with variable batching or a more advanced model with dual head, dual threshold magnetic counterfeit detection, or ultraviolet detection. You can also have both in combination should your application require it!

75M Series Currency Counter with Counterfeit Detection
The Model 75M offers advanced dual-head, dual threshold magnetic counterfeit detection, and the 75U version offers ultraviolet counterfeit detection. The 75UM offers both in combination.

The optional 75ED External Display for the 75 Series currency counter family incorporates a large green LED readout to remotely display the number of notes counted.

• Speed (variable) 600, 1200, 1500 NPM

• Batch presets at 100, 0 (off), 10, 20, 50, & variable batching capability

• Automatic start

• Full error detection

• Friction Feed Mechanism

• 4 Level Density Settings

• Shipping Weight: 29.00 pounds

• Size: 10.4″H X 11.02″W X 9.06″D

COUNTING SPEED 300-1500 per minute
BATCHNG Variable from 1 to 999
SECURITY DETECTION AIDS Dual Magnetic, Ultra Violet
PRICE (75) $895.00 
PRICE (75M) $1,195.00 
PRICE (75UM) $1,495.00 

Magner 35

The Magner Model 35 Currency Counter was designed for basic currency counting applications, reliability, and simplicity of operation.

High quality control ensures consistency in the manufacturing of our products and has been instrumental in making the Magner Model 35 the number one selling currency counter worldwide.

The Model 35 operates at 1,300 documents per minute and features touch sensitive controls, automatic start, user adjustable batch stops and a grand total accumulation of all notes counted.

MAGNER Model 35 features include:

• 300 note input hopper capacity

• Variable batching from 1 to 999 notes

• 4 digit LED display and numeric keypad

• Microprocessor controlled operation

• Auto diagnostic test modes

• 16 ranges of selectable density settings

• Error detection of half note, double note, chain note, hopper jam, over count, under count, and door open errors

PRICE $695.00 

Billcon N series

If you’re looking for an affordable, accurate and high-quality note counter…your search is over. The Billcon N-Series Note Counters offer you all this…and so much more. Heavy duty construction, sleek design and 1,500-note-per-minute speed…all in one compact machine.

With the Billcon N-Series you can increase your company’s productivity, and get the ease-of-use, product reliability, and superior after-sales support that’s made Billcon a success in over 70 countries worldwide.

• Billcon Model N-120 Currency Counter Offers variable speeds of 500, 1000, and 1500 documents per minute, variable batch (1-999), and error detection.

• Billcon Model N-131 Currency Counter with magnetic counterfeit detection.

• Billcon Model N-133 Currency Counter with magnetic and Ultraviolet counterfeit detection.


• Repeat Mode. Counting repeats automatically by a preset batch amount (100, 50, 25, 20, 10), or manually setting any other batch between 1 and 999.

• Batch Mode. Counting stops automatically when count reaches the preset batch amount. ADD MODE Automatically performs accumulation count function.

• Count Mode. Normal counting function. Can add verification function by presetting a batch amount.


• New Design: Space-saving size and sculpted appearance matches any office decor.

• Reliable: The N-Series will handle every type of note…from new and folded, to old and limp.

• User-Friendly: New larger buttons and easy-to-read LED display make operation a snap.

• Quiet Operation: The N-Series note counters are whisper-quiet at any speed.

• Instant Alarm for Error Detections: Notifies user of errors with an alarm and LED display.


• New Design: Space-saving size and sculpted appearance matches any office decor.

PRICE Billcon Model N-120   $1,295.00 
PRICE Billcon Model N-131   $1,645.00 
PRICE Billcon Model N-133   $1,895.00 

Billcon Model D-551

The NEWEST Discriminator on the market
In an era where Time is money, more than ever businesses are relying on technology to keep on the cutting edge of customer service. The Billcon D-551 does exactly that with advanced high-speed denomination recognition technology, four modes of counting bills, preset batching, a high capacity 300-note Hopper, 100-note off sort Pocket, 200-note Stacker, and a Speedy 1,200-notes-per-minute, optional counterfeit detection, and printing capabilities.

This advanced piece of machinery is fast and extremely accurate, saving your staff valuable time as well as your company countless amounts of money. The Billcon D-551 is user friendly due to its functionality and advanced programming. This durable, quality product is the newest technology in currency discrimination counters.

When you are looking to advance your business to new levels let Advanced Money System Inc. lead you there.

Some of the most ADVANCED functions on the market

The all-new Billcon D-551 features advanced high-speed denomination recognition technology, six modes of counting bills, preset batching and a rapid 1,200-notes-per-minute speed. Billcon’s unique full-line sensor accurately distinguishes between the six denominations of U.S.bills (both old and newly-issued bills).

The Billcon D-551 Currency Discriminator Counter allows operators to be more efficient and cost-effective, they spend less time counting and more time helping customers. Here’s how…

No presorting is necessary. Simply choose your settings, place the bills in the hopper, and go. The D-551 counts the bills you want to count, and automatically diverts the others to the large 100-note-capacity pocket. Everything is performed quickly and accurately with no need to stop midway through the process.

The all-new Billcon D-551 features advanced high-speed denomination recognition technology, six modes of counting bills preset batching and a blazing 1,200-notes-per-minute speed. Billcon’s unique full-line sensor accurately distinguishes between the six denominations of U.S.bills (both old and newly-issued bills).


• Handles bills in any condition. Advanced technology allows the D-551 to count folded or limp bills accurately at high speed.

• Offers magnetic detection. Magnetic sensors provide quick and effective suspicious note detection as counterfeit.

• Shows a full-graphic display. The large, easy-to-read LCD screen shows total bill count and value, total cumulative bill count and value, bill count and value by denomination, cumulative bill count and value by denomination, as well as error codes and messages.

• Offers instant error detection. When the Billcon D-551 encounters errors such as skew, half note, short note, over-batch, jams, etc., it automatically notifies the user with an alarm and LCD readout.

• Provides automatic starting. The D-551 is programmed to start automatically when bills are placed in the hopper. Or, it can be set to start manually.

• Interface. Two communication ports for RS-232C can be installed for connection to devices such as personal computer, serial printer and cash settlement system.


Choose from a variety of counting modes:

• Mixed Mode (Mixed Counting)
Identifies and counts mixed denomination bills, providing an error-free summary of each denomination and/or the total count.

• Single Mode (Different Denomination Detection Counting) Counts a specific denomination. Bills of a different denomination are fed to the pocket.

• Separation Mode (Separate Denomination Counting) TCounts a specific denomination. When a bill of a different denomination is detected, the machine temporarily stops. When bills are removed from the stacker, counting resumes.

• Single and Direction Mode (Different Denomination Detection/Specific Orientation Counting) Detects the denomination and orientation of the first bill, and counts only bills of the same denomination and orientation. Other bills are fed to the pocket.

• Direction Mode (Specific Orientation Counting)
Selects and counts bills in any of four specified orientations (face/back and left/right) without interrupting totaling. Bills of a different orientation are fed to the pocket. Convenient for organizing the orientation of bills.

• Free Mode (Piece Counting)
Accurately count the number and value of bills: The D-551’s Grand Total Function displays the total number of bills and their total value, as well as the total number and value of bills by each denomination.

Bundle a set number of bills quickly and easily: The D-551 offers five preset batches 100, 50, 25, 20, 10. Any other batches from 1 to 999 can easily be set with the control panel.

CURRENCY US Dollars (Six Denominations excluding $2)
COUNT SPEED Low 600 n/min – High 1200 n/min
PRESENT BATCH 100, 50, 25, 20, 10 (manually adjustable from 1-999)
DISPLAY Liquid crystal dot matrix display (graphic type)
DIMENSIONS 13.0″W X 13.1″D X 12.0″H (excluding hopper guide)
WEIGHT 29.7 lbS.
POWER SUPPLY AC 100 volt to 120 volt +/- 10%
PRICE $3,895.00 

SB1000 Currency Counter

The SB1000 not only counts bills, but also knows the difference between denominations of bills. It is a mixed bills counter. This helps set the SB1000 apart from other bill counters. It uses two exit trays, one for standard bills and another for “rejected” bills (such as counterfeit money). If a counterfeit bill is detected, it will be placed in the “rejected” bills tray. This allows the counter to continue counting money efficiently and effectively without having to be shut down. An LCD display is easy to read and makes the machine easy to set up.

• Counts up to 400/800/1000/1200 bills per minute

• Currency discrimination counter

• Counts and identifies mixed notes

• Functions Include: Count/Sort/Face/Orient/Batch

• High performance and cost effective

• Non-stop throughput with 2 pockets

• Easy operation and easy maintenance

• Automatic currency counter/discriminator with UV (ultra violet) and MG (magnetic) detection

PRICE $2,950.00 


Banknote counterfeiting techniques are becoming more sophisticated and widespread and effective counterfeit detection is more important than ever. Counterfeit detection needs vary widely, depending on the particular currencies and notes processed. SCAN COIN offers a wide range of options for identifying counterfeits, allowing you to select a model with exactly the detection features you need.

High throughput with flexibility

SC 1500 offers high throughput of up to 1,500 notes per minute with a counting speed that can be easily modified. Standard functions include continuous counting as well as variable batching of any quantity between 1-999 notes. The machine restarts automatically after each completed batch to maintain high throughput.

Superior accuracy and performance

The SC 1500 offers accuracy-enhancing standard features such as fully automatic detection of both double banknotes and chain-fed notes. And in IP (Intelligent Processing) mode, the machine automatically detects note’s characteristics and automatically adapts the system to them in order to optimise performance.

User benefits in brief

• Wide range of detection options — it is easy to select the model that combines the detection features to perfectly match your needs.

• Good value for money — you have access to advanced features normally only found on larger, more expensive machines.

• Superior performance — high throughput with first-rate accuracy means highly cost-effective counting.

• User-friendly technology — easy to operate, easy to relocate, this compact, portable unit has its own built-in carrying handle.


IP automatic selection of paper and colour
DD size detection (height – short side)
SP three speed selection (low, medium and high)
UV counterfeit detection
MG magnetic ink detection
MT metal thread detection
IR infrared detection
3D additional size detection (length – long side)
SC 1500-00 Currency Counter with RS232 interface. PRICE $795.00
SC1500-01 Currency Counter with RS232 interface and dual magnetic heads for counterfeit detection. PRICE $1,295.00
SC 1500-02 Currency Counter with RS232 interface and UV counterfeit detection. PRICE $795.00
SC 1500-06 Currency Counter with RS232 interface and magnetic, UV, and infrared sensors. PRICE $1,195.00
SC 1500-08 Currency Counter with RS232 interface and metal thread, UV and infrared counterfeit detection. PRICE $1,595.00
SC 1500-13 Currency Counter with RS232 interface and 3D, UV, infrared and metal thread sensors. PRICE $1,495.00


Currency Counter with Counterfeit Detection

The AMS-1000 is a highly efficient currency counter utilizing counterfeit detection technology. Counting by denomination, recognizing security features, and high-speed accuracy are just a few of the valuable features of this new product. Pre-programmed functions also allow the user to set automatic tasks that speed usage and assist in troubleshooting.

• High-Speed, up to 1,000 Bills per minute

• Counts total quantity of Banknotes

• Simultaneously verifies metallic/magnetic, ultra-violet, paper width and optical transparency features

• Sounds an alarm and stops counting when suspicious bill is detected

• Digital display of total currency counted

• Double, chained, and half-note detection

• Automatic starting, clearing, memory, and self-diagnosis functions

AMS-1000 Specifications:

COUNTING SPEED Up to 1,000 notes per minute
NET WEIGHT 16.53 lbs/unit
POWER SUPPLY AC 220V/50hz or AC 110V/60hz
DIMENSIONS 12.9″ X 9.4″W X 7.8″H
PRICE $389.00 


AMS 230

Portable bill counters give you all the efficiency and accuracy of full-size bill counters with added convenience. With a portable bill counter, you’ll be able to process bills precisely as soon as they are received, facilitating transactions and avoiding human errors. All our portable bill counter models have a user-friendly design and are battery-operated and offers a basic portable bill counter model and a combination bill counter/counterfeit detector model.

PRICE $185.00 

AMS 260

This money counter counts and adds at a speed of 600 bills per minute and includes an adjacent counterfeit console with a triple counterfeit detection system for ultraviolet, watermark and magnetic ink verification. Ideal for protecting your business against counterfeit losses.

• Saves time and labor costs

• Reduces losses due to human error

• Counts 600 bills/minute

• Multiple counterfeit detection systems (MG / UV / WM)

• Quick and easy to use

• 110-220V – 50/60Hz AC/DC adapter

• Compact and stylish

PRICE $239.00 

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